Optimize your Credit Profile

Optimize your Credit Profile It’s important that we inform you of the new lending criteria and help you optimize your credit profile, so you’re ready to take advantage of borrowing opportunities at the drop of a hat. We are preparing you for current market shifts.

In the past, there was no harm in applying for a home loan at eleventh hour-but that may not work any more! That’s why it pays to plan ahead with smart home financing strategies!!

The cost of waiting until you have an urgent need is greater now than it has ever been. So it’s a good idea to have your current property values and your credit status at your finger tips-even if you don’t think you need them right now!

The truth is, without a good credit score, you aren’t going very far these days. You’ll need it to get a job, credit card and/or any type of loan.

Honestly, even if you have no intentions of purchasing or refinancing any time soon, we invite you to give us a call. After all, we’re your personal mortgage consultant not only during and after your loan transactions, but “in between” loans as well!