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Investment Property Loans in New York & PennsylvaniaIn today's economy, investment properties in New York & Pennsylvania have become a source of income for many, either as a rental property or a home you buy to flip.

Artisan Mortgage Company has low-interest investment property loan options in New York & Pennsylvania, whether you're looking to invest in a condo, a duplex, or a single-family home.

Investment property loans in New York and Pennsylvania are available with varying durations and interest rates, from 3-year adjustable-rate mortgages to 30-year fixed rate mortgages.

Artisan Mortgage works hard to bring you competitive rates, and we can help determine whether you qualify for an investment loan.

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Which Loan to Choose?

Which loan program is right for you will depend on several factors. Among them are the length of time you plan on owning the home, whether it is more important to pay the mortgage down quickly or maintain a low monthly payment, and the type of property being financed.
Some of the investment property loan selections from Artisan Mortgage include:

Rental Property Financing

The goal of any investor is to earn a good return on the investment. Whether you plan on owning your property for several years before selling it at a profit, renting out the home to make a profit each month, or have some other plan for the property, the less you pay for your mortgage the more you will be able to make.

Artisan Mortgage Company works with you by providing low rate investment property loans in New York & Pennsylvania including Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan NY so to learn more or to get pre-qualified simply call (833) 844-0141.