First Time Home Buyer Programs Long Island, NY

First Time Home Buyers in New York, Long IslandBeing a first time home buyer can be exhilarating and confusing - especially when you begin shopping for your mortgage loan.

Keep in mind that there is more to a great mortgage than just a low interest rate when you are looking for first time home buyer loan on Long Island, NY.

At Artisan Mortgage our goal is to make home ownership a reality for anyone looking to buy his or her home.

Our experienced loan officers can help you through the purchase process, so you are guided each step of the way. Call us today at 1-800-499-0141.

Several new financial options hold special advantages for first time home buyers on Long Island, New York or families with limited cash reserves. Our specially designed programs make financing easier for this program.

Our long-standing goal is to increase the opportunities for homeownership and to encourage families to make long-term investments in their communities.

Why First Time Home Buyers Need Us!

You probably know someone who is renting who could actually own a home sooner than they dreamed possible - with our help!! We're highly experienced in creative solutions that work! Besides buying a home for the first time whether your're in Nassau or Suffolk County, NY can be overwhelming - even daunting to some folks. That's why we're super sensitive to new buyers.

We'll not only shop around for the best rates, we also educate our clients and walk them through the entire loan process. We take the time to find out exactly what our first time home buyers really want and can comfortably afford. It's all a part of what our clients describe as "exceptional service". You could saw we jump through hoops to match our clients with the right loan!! When your family and friends are ready to quit lining their landlords' pockets and own a piece of the American Dream, please have them give us a call.

Getting Pre-Approved

Before you begin shopping for your new home, you may want to get preapproved for a mortgage loan. You may also want to complete the mortgage calculators provided in this website to determine how much of a payment you can afford or how much you would have to make to buy that dream home.

Take a moment to look through this site to check current rates and find a loan program that meets your needs. Use the calculators to estimate a monthly payment, and determine the maximum loan that you qualify for. Use the Quick Application to apply online. It only takes a moment and it costs nothing to apply. We'll respond to your loan request within one working day.

We work with many lenders to help find you the best loan and have access to a loan finder search engine to help find the right mortgage product for you. If AMC cannot do your loan it can probably not be done. We have these and more tools available to our branch offices to help you get your loan approval.

What documents are needed to start processing my mortgage?


Our simple 10 minute pre-qualification process is easier than ever. Visit a Artisan Mortgage branch today to discover your first time home buyer program options and obtain a pre-approval letter.

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