Artisan Mortgage Network

Artisan NetworkHere's where I get a chance to give back!

This network is available to all my clients and contacts who wish to advertise their business or services.

I will take your information and post it on my website in the Artisan Mortgage Network section. My hope is that customers of mine will look through the network and utilize the businesses I have listed. They will be trustworthy and honest people that I have worked with in the past.

If you've done business with me, you know how I work and I will only allow the best people to be listed on the network. This idea is just a baby and I plan on growing it as my business grows.

Eventually I hope my site can be a place where honest hardworking people can find and use the services of honest, true professionals who value the referrals and business they receive from their local communities.

Jim Barry, CMC
Certified Mortgage Consultant
CEO/ President