Construction Loans

Home Construction Loans and Construction Mortgage on Long Island New YorkHome Construction Loans and working with homebuilders across New York and Pennsylvania are our specialty!

Whether you are building that new home of your dreams or starting the construction of a multiple family or commercial project, we can help with Construction Loans!

At Artisan Mortgage, we'll provide you with a number of innovative options, one of which should be right for your situation.

With the right Construction Loans, you can avoid all the pitfalls involved with most construction financing.

Add that to our emphasis on personal service, and you'll see why we've built a reputation for finding solutions for our customers.

*This program is temporarily suspended.

We suggest an alternative product for home improvement and renovation - FHA 203k Loan

Home Construction Loan Rates & Requirements

Ask around, and you'll learn that AMC does this program like no other. Whether you are a builder or a new homebuyer, we offer unmatched service and response time, and a friendly professionalism that is highly valued by our current customers. Whether you're in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx or Long Island, NY learn more and make the best of the home construction loans.

Our network of house construction lenders can finance the household of your aspiration, whether you are constructing your 1st household, retirement house, or you have just waited to build up your dreaming home.

Construction Loans are one of the least understood loan among new homebuyers, yet it is one of the easiest and most exciting! There are tremendous advantages to working with our loan officers for your new home financing, all the way through the mortgage process.

We understand very well that the homebuilder-broker relationship must be as close as family. We take time to visit your sites, come to you for your needs, and we can close loans at your place. We respond immediately to any need you have and can help you work through the kinks that may cause a loan to delay. Imagine getting draw requests fulfilled the same day and done through direct deposits to your current bank!

The rates are superior, and you will be able to obtain an tailored quote just by completing our form on the right side or call our toll-free number to speak to one of our home construction loan brokers.

Take Out Construction to Permanent Mortgage Loan

For homeowners seeking longer term financing, we offer a construction-to-permanent mortgage. This program has several important advantages:

If you are looking for info about construction loans and residential, you've discovered the right place! Our program is a tension free way to build an office, plant, or facility or renovate and reconstruct an present one.

One closing for construction loans and one closing for permanent loan

Borrowers who are acting as their own General Contractor or Builder typically use this program. Those taking on this task are usually trying to keep costs down and create a larger equity position in the property. It is not uncommon for borrowers performing these functions to realize savings that could make it possible to obtain financing with minimal out of pocket expense.

The loan amount is based on the appraised value. The difference in the appraised value and the construction cost can be considered equity / investment in your property. The program requires two closings because the permanent loan is treated as a refinance of the construction loans. Payments are interest only on the previous months draw totals.