Home Equity Loans in New York & Pennsylvania: Start a New Project or Pay Down Debt!

Home Equity Loans in New York & PennsylvaniaIf you’re looking for a home equity loan in New York & Pennsylvania for home renovations, medical expenses or to finance a big purchase and child's education, Artisan Mortgage is ready to assist you with low rates, affordable payments and fast loan process.

Home equity loan in in New York & Pennsylvania can be used for paying down debt by consolidating bills into one low rate monthly payment to take care of all credit card high interest debt.

Whether you have good or bad credit, trying to get out of debt, putting off house repairs, your home's equity can work for you with a home equity loan in New York & Pennsylvania - an effective way for homeowners to get the additional cash they need at a good price!

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Market update: This loan program has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

What is a home equity loan and how does it work?

Equity is the difference between your home's appraised value and your outstanding mortgage balance.

Home equity loan in New York & Pennsylvania permits you as a proprietor to get a loan by using the equity in your house as collateral.

Once the house is purchased and you begin to make payments, the share of the house you own independent from the lender begins to grow. The amount of money you have available in the house (the amount not owned by the lender) is known as "equity" because its value belongs to you.

The equity consists of whatever funds you have invested in your house in order to own it or improve it. Since it is a debt against your own house, which you are in real possession of this loan is a secured debt. The property can be required to be sold if the creditor wants the money back that you have borrowed.

New York & Pennsylvania Home Equity Loan vs Line of Credit (HELOC)

There are two types of home equity loans in New York & Pennsylvania: closed-end loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOC). For consumers who qualify, Artisan Mortgage offers closed-end loans.

With a HELOC, you access your credit line via telephone or by writing checks provided by the bank. Your property secures the loan, and you draw on your line of credit as you see fit. Interest is paid only on what you borrow. As with other products, the interest you pay may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

We offer a variety of loan products along with competitive rates and closing costs. We have three incentives on processing your loan: To provide you with unbeatable service, To close your loan in 30 days, and To provide you with the best product to meet your personal and financial needs. Please contact us today to get more information. We have a variety of loan types available with competitive rates and terms. Please contact a loan officer at Artisan to assist you in finding a solution to meet your financing needs

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What is needed for a home equity loan in New York & Pennsylvania?

With potential tax advantages, and interest rates lower than most other kinds of consumer credit, home equity loans in New York & Pennsylvania are smart, powerful tools that can help manage one of your most important assets - your home.

You can Cash in on your home's equity and...

After the ten year period many of these programs offer the ability to have a ten or twenty year repayment period. Several of our programs do require a minimum initial withdrawal, so make sure our loan specialist are aware if this is important to you.

Investors and Lenders frequently change their rates and from one day to another, may not stay competitive! By having us monitor the market and by "shopping the rate," we can ensure that you are always getting the Best Rates to suit your particular needs.

When looking for a equity product you may be guessing:

Can you get a home equity loan in New York & Pennsylvania if you have bad credit?

If you would like additional information on Home Equity Loan rates in New York & Pennsylvania, please fill out the form on the page. We are able to obtain better discounts than our competitors and we get the fastest service from loan sources. We are then able to pass these discounts and great service on to you, our customer!

We continue to seek all possible reductions in paperwork, thereby expediting loan approvals and closings. This method of operation creates greater flexibility and attention to detail resulting in more comprehensive and specialized attention to your needs.

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