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Reading Mortgage News in New York and PennsylvaniaYou hear about "mortgage bond prices pushing mortgage interest rates lower". Then in the next sound bite you hear, "rates rose, pressured by stronger-than-expected consumer confidence."

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Mortgage Forecast

It's a fact! Conditions in the mortgage market are improving for consumers! You might be thinking, "Come on, why the cherry disposition when the housing market is in an obvious slump!" Sure, there has been a softening in the real estate market.

And it's true that the mortgage industry has recently undergone a few fairly drastic changes. However, there is a negative perception created y national media that all is doomsday in real estate. And that simply isn't true. It's important to place the current housing market in perspective, and not take things "out of context."

Here's the bigger picture… A lot of Folks Are Buying Homes!! To be fair, we do have to point out that there have been serious problems in the new-home sector.