Cleaning out the clutter

cleaning out the clutter

The other night I was home cleaning out some old boxes that had been laying around for a while.  I am at times a little obsessed with throwing things out, so I find myself often trying to find unnecessary clutter and get rid of it. My motto is “When in Doubt, Throw it out!”.  I feel as though the things you own, own you!  I am a big believer in less is more. Many times I have clients upgrading to bigger homes just because they need more space for the things  they own,  never see and never use.  This is only a sidebar to what I am going to share with you today.

So here I am cleaning up and I come across one of my sleep journals. Many times the best ideas I get come at night right before bedtime, so I keep a journal close by and write down my thoughts. It helps me rid thoughts from my mind and sleep a lot better. I want to share with you one of my entries from right about the time I started Artisan Mortgage Company.  Take it as you will.

People build wealth like card castles, high and wide and fast, but blown away or tumbled from the bottom in an instant!

Build your wealth slow and stable with blocks. Blocks of wealth that remain and grow on their own!

Life’s objective is two part, sustenance and happiness.  To accomplish both would be to succeed, while many get lost in the pursuit of just one!  We need balance in our lives.  Just as we build our personal relationships on solid foundations so should we build with our money.

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