What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Bank?

what is the difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage bank

Service! Service! Service!

If  I could choose one thing that stands out when comparing a wholesale mortgage broker from a retail mortgage bank it would be very simple, it would come down to service. The service that I can provide as a wholesale broker is the reason why I am here. There are many tiny nuisances in the mortgage industry that need to be addressed and more importantly they need to be addressed by someone that cares.

Let me just make myself clear!!! Not all wholesale brokers are going to be great and are going to provide you with the best service but working with a quality wholesale broker is always better by far than working with a retail bank.

Who else is going to answer your phone calls 7AM in the morning before you go to work or 9 PM when you are just getting home. The ability to have easy access to and to communicate with someone when you have a question is invaluable. Many times I hear from clients that tried to work with a retail bank and there experiences were very much the same. They would state that every time they tried to call the loan officer they were working with the person was either unavailable, they were transferred to someone else or if they did get lucky and speak with the loan officer the person could not answer the question because the file was in another department.

When it comes to getting your loan done, when it comes to getting your loan done quickly and when it comes to having the sense of security knowing that you are being taken care go wholesale.

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