What It Means to Be A Mortgage Broker?

what it means to be a mortgage broker

Being a mortgage broker is something more than quoting a person an interest rate and getting an appraisal done. Too often I hear about people that have worked with other companies and so called “loan officers”. They say to me the guy at the company said I can get a low rate and all I need to do is get an appraisal done. If it was that easy then anyone would get a loan and there would be no need for underwriters at banks and guidelines set by lenders.

Getting a loan is more complex than that and it really takes  knowledge, skill, experience and constant research of the industry so that you are aware of all the changes going on. Especially in these times when lenders are falling out of the business and the lenders that are still out there are changing their loan programs it seems almost weekly.

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For myself being a mortgage broker is something that is requires dedication, commitment and continuous education. If you want to survive in this market you really need to know what your doing and also know how to get it done. The days of having your account executive structuring your loans and lenders giving exception after exception is a thing of the past.

What Does a Mortgage Broker do?

I truly believe this is a good time for the mortgage brokers that have sat on the sideline for the past couple of years and had to deal with competition from uneducated, ill-trained, immoral and unethical individuals who only cared about making a commission. This will now create an opportunity to shine for mortgage brokers who know what they are doing and have put their clients first since borrowers have been burnt a few times and are much more cautious to get tricked again  and with lenders having very tight with guidelines only the smart will survive.

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